Star Tracker for Nano Satellites

STNS is a low cost star tracker based on CMOS image sensor for high accurate satellite attitude determination. The device captures images of a Star Field with an internal camera device and identifies star constellations to determine orientation of the satellite in an absolute reference frame and attitude with high accuracy.

Star Tracker for Nano Satellites

Technical Characteristics:

Sensor Star Tracker
Accuracy <40 arcsec (sigma)
Field of View ±12º (exclusion ±40º)
Interface UART microD connector
Power supply 5V <1W consumption
Dimensions 80 x 52 x 38 mm
Mass 140 g
Housing Anodized aluminum 6082

The star tracker uses a CMOS camera that provides a high sensitivity with a simplified optics system based on a single lens to improve the robustness of the device. The sensor image is processed according to internal algorithms and a calibration table which is included in the sensor firmware. One of the key features of STNS is that it does not require the use of external memories or any extra processing unit.

STNS device fabrication combines microelectronics technology based on a SoC-FPGA with a high efficiency monolithic CMOS camera, leading to a high integrated device with small area and low weight. All materials used in the STNS fabrication process are compatible with space requirements in terms of thermal resistance, vacuum and vibration resistance.

STNS has minimum size, weight and power consumption to be the perfect ADCS solution for high accurate attitude determination of nano-satellite platforms like Cubesats. STNS has been selected to be launched in a first mission in 2021 in an ESA mission.

The development of STNS has been co-funded with FEDER funds in the frame of a Technology Transfer Program between Solar MEMS Technologies and the University of Seville (Project reference: AT-5972).



Nano Sun Sensor on a Chip (nanoSSOC) is a two-axes and low cost sun sensor for high accurate sun-tracking, pointing and attitude determination. The device measures the incident angle of sun ray in two orthogonal axes, providing a high sensitivity based on the geometrical dimensions of the design.


Sun Sensor on a Chip (SSoC), is based on MEMS fabrication processes to achieve highly integrated sensing structures for high accurate sun-tracking, positioning systems and attitude determination.


Horizon Sensor for Nano and Micro Satellites (HSNS) of Solar MEMS is a Quad Thermopile sensor for Earth detection and Nadir vector determination. This device measures the infrared radiation from Space and from Earth with 4 IR eyes, providing accurate and reliable detection and attitude determination.