Our sun sensor technology is present in different markets to provide cost-effective solutions for solar tracking applications



Sun Sensor On a Chip technology (SSOC) provides the best solution for satellite attitude determination

Accurate sun position determination

Satellite solar panel positioning

Attitude control failure alarm

Satellite positioning in specific trajectory points


Renewable energy

With the know-how obtained after years of experience in the space sector, we have migrated our sun sensor technology to terrestrial applications without losing performance and reliability.

Photovoltaic, CPV, HCPV, CSP, Stirling and Fresnel markets

High accuracy and reliability to reduce costs for solar tracking solutions



Solar MEMS has also developed sun sensors as a flight reference as a complement for other attitude sensors in the aeronautic sector. This technology can be used for:

Stability control

Geographic self-location

Precise operation for navigation systems of UAVs, Drones and RPAS



Solar MEMS provides tailored solutions for sun determination and tracking as support systems for military unmanned vehicles, including:

Ships and rescue boats

Tanks, tractors and trucks, to perform autonomous missions



MEMS technology applied to the miniaturization of sun sensors can be used for automotive heat, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC)

Sun vector determination coupled with solar radiation measurement for environmental comfort

Providing intelligent thermal control in vehicles