Ground Support Equipment

At Solar MEMS we have been designing and developing Ground Support Equipment for Solar Sensors since 2017.

After our long experience in solar sensors for satellites, we have designed and manufactured the Ground Support Equipment to test the solar sensors integrated in the Oneweb Megaconstellation satellites, to be used in the Final Assembly Line in Factory.

Furthermore, at Solar MEMS we have the knowledge and capabilities necessary to develop any Ground Support Equipmen in accordance with the requirements of our Clients, allowing customers to ensure that everything is properly connected and operational before launches, covering such important topics as:

      • Lighting parameters
      • Installation 
      • Remote control
      • Security
      • Certifications
      • Directives (WEEE, RoHS, CE, UL, UNE-EN 61326, CAN / CSA C22.2), etc.

In addition, at Solar MEMS we have a specific clean room for the manufacture of this type of equipment, to guarantee its cleanliness.

Our technology can be used inside thermal chambers and vacuum chambers. Moreover, we offers full support for customization and installation of our Ground Support Equipment.

Image gallery of GSE for Sun Sensors.

Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment designed and manufactured for Oneweb Megaconstellation.
More than 10 equipments were delivered.

Front of ground support equipment

Front view of the Ground Support Equipment, with in-panel control.

Heads of ground support equipment

Optical heads of the Ground Support Equipment, to interface with the satellite and the sun sensor. It includes a black covering and a soft mounting plane to avoid damages to the satellite.

Illumination of ground support equipment

Using highgly collimated light sources. Additionally, Solar MEMS offers custom light sources and spectrum depending on the requirements.