If you are purchasing space equipment from any of the following countries, please contact our official distributors:

SpaceQuest (USA):

Web: www.spacequest.com
Phone: 703-424-7801
Email: sales@spacequest.com

SI Detection (South Korea):

Web: www.sidetection.com
Phone +82 (0) 42 330 6891
Email: info@sidetection.com

Innovative Solutions in Space (Netherlands):

Web: www.isispace.nl
Phone: +31 (0) 15 256 9018
Email: sales@isispace.nl

ATI Space (Japan):

Web: www.ati-space.com
Phone: 81-3-6426-5870
Email: info@ati-space.com

Micronel (India):

Web: micronel.net
Phone: +91 – 9900728583
Email: ss@micronel.net

Arazim (Israel):

Web: arazim.co.il
Phone: 972 8 9230555
Email: info@arazim.co.il

Please, for any quotation or inquiry